About OLPS

OLPS is a community-run, sustainably minded, and love-filled organization.

Community is central to our creative process and we uphold strong values and adhere to principles of good governance and best practice. Our unique sustainability model offers hope for program continuity and our integrated approach to creating sustainable and long-term change ensure we address our beneficiaries’ multiple needs in ways that create long-term impact.  

Our History

OLPS started off as a community-based organization in 1992 to respond to challenges that were facing people diagnosed with HIV & AIDS such as stigma, lack of medication, HIV-related deaths and its consequences on children and the community.

Initially, OLPS worked towards increasing community acceptance of people living with HIV & AIDS, integrating orphans and other children affected by HIV & AIDS pandemic into caring family units, and the economic empowerment of individuals and guardians of people living with HIV & AIDS.

Our Founder’s "Memorable quotes"

  • “I have experienced the hills and valleys, the river of my life but I have learned never to lose hope because today will not be the same as tomorrow” 

  • “When people ask me what is my wealth — I say my number one wealth is the number of children that God has placed under my care as a foster mother, the children that I live with at the OLPS Children’s Rescue Center. They are the reason for my being alive”

  • “Then I started thinking: I am a Franciscan Sister of Saint Anne, and Saint Francis loved the lepers. What is the current leprosy? We are not seeing many lepers here. I prayed deeply, and I said, “God, the leprosy that we are experiencing now is HIV and AIDS.”

  • "I opened the scriptures and the spirit of the Lord lead me to Jeremiah 29:11 “I have good plans for you ……..”  I believed this and with that I came out of the convent to serve His people in the community"

….Anastasia Juma Sinawa, Founder and Director - OLPS

What we do

OLPS focuses on health and social programs integrated across 4 focal areas  
Health,  OVC Care and Support Services, Youth Empowerment, and Livelihood.

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Our Approach

OLPS registered as a National NGO in 1999 and widened its scope to take a multi-dimensional approach. Our integrated community health and social response strategy addresses:

Community Health

needs within the context of HIV & AIDS, 

Comprehensive Care and Support

to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC),

Youth Empowerment

through age-appropriate life skills training and education scholarship support to bright but financially challenged students, and

Livelihood Strengthening

through Sustainable Livelihood Strengthening Mechanisms e.g. promoting sustainable agricultural activities for food security and small business support for financial security.