WE are our community’s first line of defense against COVID – 19.

OLPS response to the pandemic has been 2-pronged: - 

  1. Community education on COVID 19 prevention measures including hand hygiene, social distancing, and full compliance with MOH COVID 19 mitigation measures.
  2. Testing and vaccination services at OLPS outpatient health facility  
  3. Enhancing social safety nets by providing emergency food and nutrition to families affected by Covid 19, supporting affected households in dealing with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic at household and community level (supporting households with lost income sources to get back on their feet) etc. – these naturally fitted within the framework used by OLPS to support AIDS orphans, widows, and other vulnerable subgroups within our catchment area

What we are doing

Despite the glaring challenges, OLPS continues to play significant roles in promoting prevention and control measures using the guidelines published by the MOH. With support from the government and other development partners, OLPS successfully mainstreamed Covid-19 prevention measures into the overall context of the Community Health Strategy.


Provided testing to 5000+ members of our community and linked 100+ individuals who tested positive for Covid 19 to various post-test services including oxygen therapy and home isolation.


Provided vaccination to 3000+ members of our community.

Prevention Measures

We work with government-accredited Community Health Volunteers and Social Workers/Case Managers to conduct household and community visits and deliver Covid-19 prevention measures at community/household level. We also work with the MOH to train our health personnel to conduct targeted rapid antigen test for Covid 19 members of the community suspected to have been exposed to Covid-19 infection.

Food & Nutrition

We also worked with private businesses to provide food and nutrition to households affected by the pandemic.

Responsive Efforts

We rely on government data as the primary source of information that guides our planning and delivery of covid-19 response efforts.

Resources & Planning

Print, social and visual media have also been important sources of information for planning purposes.