Anastasia Nancy Juma Sinawa

CEO and Board Secretary

Anastasia Nancy Juma Sinawa, also known by many as “Sister”, because of her life as a religious nun, is the Founder and Executive Officer of OLPS. During her 20 years serving as a religious nun, Sister extended compassion and refuge towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS, particularly women and orphaned children.

Under pressure from church elders who frowned upon her actions, Anastasia left her religious life to chat a new cause for her life purpose, while still keeping her call and devotion. The result was, together with a group of 60 HIV positive persons, setting up OLPS to offer a structured care and support to persons infected by HIV & AIDS as well as a well-coordinated response strategy to address the social impacts of the pandemic.

Anastasia is a true believer in hardwork, commitment to success, and never staying down after failure of any kind. She is a visionary leader, mission oriented and change maker. She leads the organization as The Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Board of Governance.

Monica A. Sinawa

Head of Finance and Administration

Monica is one of longest serving OLPS’s staff. She holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree (Accounting) from Kenyatta University with accumulated job experience of over 20 years. With her education background and extensive work experience, Monica has built her carrier around financial management, auditing, policy development and implementation, human resource management and asset management. She has the zeal and desire to learn and grow with a job and build positive working relationships as has been proven over time while working with and for OLPS. She has been part of OLPS’ growth since 1999 when she joined OLPS.

Erick O. Aluru

Head of Resource Mobilization and Sustainability Programs

Erick is a proud beneficiary of OLPS’ Youth Empowerment Program, having been sponsored by the organization as a student in secondary and university. He is a graduate of Forestry and Rural Development and carries a rich blend of skills in Agriculture and Forestry to foster sustainable conservation of environment and wealth creation for small-scale farmers and local communities.

He joined OLPS as a Youth Mentor in 2007 and has grown with OLPS to his present role as a resource mobilizer and sustainable programs coordinator. With continuous training, Erick has used his creativity to design the OLPS’ Resource Mobilization Strategy and ensuring its success. He is a good communicator and an excellent storyteller. He is also blessed with an exceptional ability to trigger conversation and dialogue and is a true believer in hardwork and commitment to success.

Edward Odhiambo Mukasa

Human Resource Officer

Edward is a Certified Human Resource Practitioner (CHRP) and holds a Degree in Management and Leadership (BML) from Management University of Africa, Diploma in Management (Human Resource Option) from Kenya Institute of Management. He is a member of both Kenya Institute of Management and Institute of Human Resource Management.

He joined OLPS as volunteer in 2015 and later employed in 2016 as Data officer under OVC program. Edward currently serves the organization as the Human Resource Officer.

Dr. Collince O. Abuoro

Program Lead – Health Services


Bryan A. Oketch

Program Lead – Community TB Prevention and Control Program

Bryan is also a proud beneficiary of the OLPS’ Youth Empowerment Program, having been sponsored by the organization as a student in secondary and university. Brian is a Health Professional with demonstrated competence in Healthcare Programming and Management of Health Projects. He holds a nursing degree and has over 5 years’ experience from working with Non-Governmental Organizations, teaching at Medical Training College and Healthcare Institutions. 

Brian currently serves the organization in the role of a Project Coordinator for the Community Tuberculosis Control and Prevention Project. He is passionate about provision of affordable and accessible quality health services, domestic resource mobilization, networking and community development.

Roselyne A. Ojwang

Program Lead – OVC Care and Support Services

Roselyne holds Diploma in Social Work and carries a wealth of experience in social work and community development, having worked with several organizations implementing projects aimed at uplifting the livelihood status of members of various communities. She also has a wealth of knowledge in areas such Drug and substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation, Peace conflict management and reconciliation skills, and Nutrition and dietetics management skills, Gender Perspective in Programming, Approaches and alternative Care options for OVC, Participatory democracy and Governance.

Roselyne currently serves as the Program Lead for OVC Care and Support Services. A program that serves over 5,000 children with need-based services in a package of care that include food and nutrition, health, shelter and care, psychosocial support, and livelihood strengthening. She is passionate about children’s services and women empowerment.

Roselyne Okanda

Program Lead – Livelihood Strengthening

Roselyne holds a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development with a wealth experience in enterprise development, business coaching, training, community-based saving and lending schemes, and group management. 

As the Program Lead, she is responsible for overall rollout of business support program, ensuring the project meets its objectives and targets. She works closely with OLPS departments of OVC and HIV&AIDS care and support programs and key community stakeholders to recruit beneficiaries of the program. She provides financial education to the beneficiaries, support beneficiaries to initiate Income Generating activities, continuous business mentorship to enhance profitability and market penetration.

Management Capacity

OLPS is a nonprofit making organization that has been in existence since 1992 it was registered as a nongovernmental organization in 1999. OLPS has over the years implemented HIV/AIDS programs aimed at preventing, diagnosing, care and treatment as well impact mitigation such as OVC program. These have been achieved through partnership with both local and international partners. In working with these partners OLPS has had opportunity to improve her structures both in technical programmatic areas and in governance. In dealing with both local and international partners OLPS has been entrusted with huge sums of money which the organization has always shown honesty and transparency in handling as is always revealed by annual external audit reports.

OLPS boasts of qualified technical staff in different program areas that it implements including four key staff that include Executive Director who provides overall  leadership to the organization, programs coordinator responsible for project management and implementation, Monitoring and evaluation officer who is responsible for ensuring the objectives are met and standards are adhered to, finance and administration officer who is responsible for ensuring that resources are only used for their intended purposes these alongside other qualified staff like program officers, clinical officers, social workers, nurses, HTC counselors among others.

Besides qualified personnel, OLPS has structures, policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) that govern actions of personnel in undertaking various activities. Documents such as governance policy, constitution, procurement policy, monitoring and evaluation policy, and employee hand books are often referred to when making decisions.