Our Youth Empowerment Programs

OLPS built this program on the belief that young people represent our future. Investing in them is one way of ensuring community stability, growth, and development. OLPS youth empowerment program is two-pronged. 

We build the capacity of young people

With age-appropriate life skills training aimed at guiding them on making healthy choices concerning various things that affects their lives such as peer pressure, identifying and managing situations that endanger their lives, drugs and substance abuse, gender-based violence, their rights and welfare, as well as being responsible citizens.


OLPS provides an education-to-employment pathway for bright, disadvantaged Kenyan youth to foster leadership, economic opportunity and social progress. Our Education Program offers 8 years of scholarships, mentoring and career development to hundreds of students with the brightest minds yet the fewest resources. OLPS reaches beyond scholarships to provide comprehensive support to students. We define success not just by what students accomplish in school, or how quickly they land a job after graduation. We care about the people they will become and how will they leave a positive mark on their world!

What we do

OLPS focuses on health and social programs integrated across 4 focal areas  
Health,  OVC Care and Support Services, Youth Empowerment, and Livelihood.

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