Community-based OVC care and Support Services

OLPS mobilizes the target communities to focus on the best interests of the children and their families; strengthen families and communities, nurture meaningful participation of children, promote action on gender disparities, strengthen networks and systems to target OVC with care and support services, leverage wrap-around programs, link HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs with other OVC services.

OLPS implements a multi-dimensional approach to respond to the plight of orphans and vulnerable children. In this program, OLPS works to ensure that no targeted/enrolled OVC is denied access to health and social services, all targeted households are adequately strengthened to take care of their needs and that communities are empowered through existing and new structures to care and protect their children.

OLPS aims to ensure children remain healthy, safe, stable and schooled by:

  1. Addressing the social determinants of health to improve the wellbeing of children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and other factors such as poverty, old age especially for children living with their aging grandparents, etc.; 
  2. Enhance the capacity of caregivers and communities to sustainably provide care and support to OVC; 
  3. Strengthen institutional capacities of formal and informal structures to respond to child welfare and protection needs.

This strategy is built on holistic, child-focused, and family-centered approach that sees child wellbeing as nested within household wellbeing, community resilience and its support to vulnerable children and strengthening of social services systems. Using approaches and tools validated through years of OVC programming, OLPS adopts a comprehensive case management as the foundation and entry point for an evidence-based and informed program of interventions.

Institution-based care and support services

The OLPS Children’s Rescue Center is one of OLPS Integrated Programs designed to offer transitional in-house care and support to orphans and vulnerable children. At the center, the children’s needs for education, food and nutrition, healthcare, and protection are met with attention and sensitivity. Opened in 2014, the center is already proving to be a true spark of hope for those children who need hope and care most.

OLPS overall mission at the CRC is providing a safe and empowering home that would enable those who have little guidance and opportunity the chance to become productive, healthy, and confident contributors to their community

What we do

OLPS focuses on health and social programs integrated across 4 focal areas  
Health,  OVC Care and Support Services, Youth Empowerment, and Livelihood.

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